ADL Consulting are specialists in ISO27001. Cyber Security. GDPR.

Established in 2006, ADL Consulting are a boutique cyber security agency. We provide information security-related consultancy and training support to business across the UK.

Who We Are

ADL Consulting was founded by Andy Larkum in 2006. In our early years, we built websites and web-based database management systems.

With security being implicit in the systems ADL developed, and with the rapid growth in technology enabled crime (cyber crime), we found an increasing amount of time was being given over to supporting business with their cyber security.

Since 2004, we have been almost exclusively focused on delivering ISO27001, Cyber Security and GDPR consultancy and training.

Our Mission

ADL Consulting help medium-sized businesses to develop a pragmatic and efficient strategy for reducing the risk of cyber crime to the business through consultancy support and/or training for boards and staff to raise awareness of cyber security issues.

Our Values

We will be honest, telling the truth even when that is uncomfortable for us, or our clients, to hear.

We will never over charge, never sell services that aren&rapos;t needed, never tell people they need something/a service that the don&rapos;t.

The sum total of our costs to our client should never exceed the potential savings that our work represents. Even in an industry where our charges are only likely to be seen as an expense, our clients should always feel that they have received great value.

Our industry is known for jargon and an obnoxious air of superiority over those who don&rapos;t understand what we do. We will not be like that. We will explain things clearly, using non-jargonistic language and avoid acronyms wherever we can!

Where We Are

ADL Consulting is based in the Leicestershire village of Ibstock.

We're classed as being in North West Leicestershire, just inside the National Forest. We're ideally situated to work with businesses in the East Midlands, but have great transport links from here to the rest of the country.

Our History