Staff Cyber Security Training

Staff training is an essential part of improving your business' cyber security, and in demonstrating compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Helping your staff to understand the threats that face them, and the potential for harm if those threats are realised improves security, and reduces business risk.

We offer training in a variety of formats to cater for (almost) every need. We can also provide bespoke training to meet your requirements.

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On site training*

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GDPR training

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are already in force in the UK. The grace period for compliance to the GDPR ran out in May 2018. Further information about the GDPR can be found on our "What is GDPR" blog post.

If you wish to book your own in-house session, we offer the following:

  • Fundamentals of the GDPR - 1hr session This session introduces the core principles of the GDPR and how they are likely to affect client businesses Read more...
  • Exploring the GDPR - 3hr session An intensive course exploring how the GDPR affects your business: what it is; how to prepare, proceed and; demonstrate compliance. Read more...

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Cyber Security training

Cyber crime is now the most common crime in the UK. Rather than being the victims of a targeted cyber attack, most businesses will be the victims of indescriminate attacks.

Understanding what cyber security is, and how to reduce the risk of cyber crime is therefore rapidly rising in importance.

  • Cyber Security Board Briefing - 1hr session Designed as a crash course in cyber security and it's implications, this session explains to boards what cyber security, and it's implications for their business. Read more...
  • Fundamentals of Cyber Security - 1hr session A crash course explaining, in very broad terms, the most common threats and what to watch for. Read more...
  • Staff Cyber Awareness Training - 3hr session The course helps staff to understand cyber security risk. We explore common threats - where they come from, how they work and how to avoid them. Read more...
  • Understanding Cyber Security for small businesses - 3hr session This course explains the major threats to small businesses, and the actions they can be taking to protect themselves. Read more...

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Modular cyber security training

These are 30-minute modules, you can "pick'n'mix" your requirements, a minimum of 2 modules for a training session. Read more...:

  • Why is Cyber important - what is cyber security, and why should businesses care
  • Phishing/Vishing - what is this, how does it work, what are the consequences
  • Passwords - why they're important and how to manage them
  • WiFi - the potential risks of using public WiFi and how to mitigate them
  • Firewalls - what is a firewall, why are they important, how do you use them
  • Backups - why you need them, and how to make sure you have good backup routines
  • Business resilience - things to consider to make sure your business is resilient to a cyber attack.
  • Email - how to identify dangerous emails and use email safely
  • Malware - what is malware, examples of what it does, and how to avoid it
  • Social Media - the inherent threats that come with the use of social media
  • Remote working - what a business should consider in relation to employees working remotely
  • Encryption - what is it, and why should we use it
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) - what should a business consider in relation to personally owned mobile device use in the business.
  • Persistent threats - what is a persistent threat
  • Removable Media - why removable media is dangerous, and how to mitigate the risks
  • Patching - the importance of applying updates

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Blended cyber security/GDPR training

  • Introduction to Cyber Security and the GDPR - 1hr session We believe that cyber security, and compliance to the GDPR are intrinsically linked. This session explains how the two are connected, and what businesses should be considering on both fronts.
  • Cyber Security and the GDPR - 3hr session This half day course explains the reach of cyber security within a business, the overlap between GDPR and cyber security, and what businesses should be doing to be able to compliance to the GDPR.

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