Cyber Essentials certification

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What is Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a scheme put together by GCHQ - the UK Government's cyber security arm. According to their statistics, achieving Cyber Essentials can reduce your risks from online threats by 70-80%.

The scheme is a self assessment of a set of "technical controls" (that's things that you should do). The controls cover systems, policies and working practice. Implementation of these controls can significantly improve your security.

Why should we get Cyber Essentials

Achieving Cyber Essentials is seen as a way to demonstrate a level of assurance customers, by showing that security controls are in place to protect the business, its IT systems and information, and that these controls have been assessed against an independent, formal framework.

It also helps your business to understand more about cyber security, and the things that you should be looking for from your own suppliers.

What's involved

Getting Cyber Essentials is relatively straight forward - you simply have to complete a self-declaration of compliance.

That said, doing the work required to be able to complete the self declaration is rather more tricky. If you've never looked at cyber security before, it can also be pretty overwhelming.

We can help your businesses to complete the Cyber Essentials declaration form. We explain what is required to be able to declare compliance to each section, and if required, we can help you to actually implement the controls too.

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