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Help with cyber security

Having spent a couple of years talking to and working with businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries, it became apparent that what people really want is help.

It sounds obvious, but we couldn't, and still haven't, found anyone actually offering support with cyber security.

So we decided we should do it.

We help businesses to understand the cyber threats that face their business, and we help them to take action to improve their cyber security.

How we work

We wanted to make it easy for businesses to improve their security. We decided the best way to do this was to provide a package that a business could buy that would take them from wherever they are now up to the UK Governments benchmark for cyber security - Cyber Essentials.

It doesn't matter how much, if any work you've already done to improve your cyber security - we're here to help.

We work alongside internal or outsourced IT support too. We're not trying to compete, or tell them their jobs. We're trying to make sure your business is operating safely.

We will visit your office and work with key stakeholders to understand how you work, and what your requirements are. We look at policy, process, and systems, and will put together a work plan for improving security.

We will then "hold you hand" through the work plan, (liaising with 3rd parties on your behalf if required) to put practical improvements in place.

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